Posted by: Jeff | 2013/03/16

Hair Farm Studies

Here are a couple more Hair Farm studies. Majority of these tests will focus more on the simulation features of the product. Read More…


First off, I would like to mention and thank this great Ornatrix 2 Review by Joe Gun. It inspired me to write down this post. It is not meant to be a concise review, but rather, more of just my thoughts – after trying out demos of both Hair Farm 2 and Ornatirx 2 for a short time (2 days to be exact).

Apart from testing out the basic hair generating features, most of my focus leaned more towards the dynamics and simulation side of the products, as this was supposed to be a quick R&D for an upcoming project.

* updated 2013-03-12
* updated 2013-03-16: Added Hair Farm studies (click this link to view animations/tests).
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Posted by: Jeff | 2013/02/21

MaxScript: Bone Divider

(After a very long while)

I’ve uploaded a new simple script for dividing bones at scriptspot.

Bone Divider 0.1

This was a result of watching THIS tutorial from the 3dsMaxHowTos Youtube videos.
Hopefully I’ve squished all the bugs since I just wrote the script today.

A friend also suggested that I create a version where it can automatically smooth out the creationg of the new bones.
I already have a few ideas on how to approach it — for the next version.

Posted by: Jeff | 2012/09/17

PFlow: Box#3 – Disco Ball

Here’s a preset which can be used to create a Disco Ball using PFlow Tools Box#3.

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Posted by: Jeff | 2011/08/11

New Reels

Added two more reels over at my Works page.

TV Reel 2011
Japan Reel 2011

Posted by: Jeff | 2011/07/07


Added an additional page to the blog. That’s where I’ll be posting mostly some of my old/past works.

Posted by: Jeff | 2011/03/06

FumeFX – Crawling Smoke

Largely inspired by the work done in the movie 2012, I did some tests on how some FumeFX (1.x) parameters would affect a crawling smoke simulation.

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Posted by: Jeff | 2010/02/26

FumeFX – Vorticity and Grid Spacing

This one deals with the relationship between the Vorticity and the Grid Spacing.

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Posted by: Jeff | 2010/02/23

FumeFX – Cubic Interpolation

Here is another comparison study for the Advection Stride and Vorticity when set against the Cubic Interpolation parameter.

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Posted by: Jeff | 2010/02/11

FumeFX – Partitioning

In some rare cases, dividing a fumeFX grid into separate parts can help create a bigger simulation area. This entry will discuss a script called the FumeFX Partitioner to tackle this task.

Normal Grid / Partitioned Grid

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