• I usually go by the name of galagast inside CG forums.
  • Some of my MaxScript contributions for the CG Community can be found here: scriptspot.com/users/jeff-lim


  1. Hey Jeff LOVE Active type!!! use it everyday ..just a request..this may be huge im not a coder. but if I could enter modes..i.e bevel chamfer, inset, loop, ring my life would be complete.


    • Thanks!
      It’s possible, if you can script a little, you can add in custom commands for those to the ActiveTypeCommands.ini
      Just type “#” and select “ActiveType Commands” from the list to open up the ini file.

  2. Hey Jeff, I really like your stuff your doing with Fume. Really innovative.

    Please email me immediately.

  3. hi Jeff,

    Just wanto to say thanks for the knowledge you’re sharing!!
    Love the FumeFx – Partitioner script to death. Just grrrrreeeaaaaaat 🙂


  4. Hi Jeff!

    I’ve started to implement command repeating in your ActiveType script. Would it be possible to update script on scriptspot.com?

    • Hi Sergo!
      Sure, just send the script to my email and I’ll update the post in scriptspot with you in the credits.
      I’m also planning to add a few updates myself 🙂

  5. Great job with ActiveType and thanks for sharing it, I use it all the time. Just wanted to express my gratitude.

    • hey tobbe! I’m glad to hear that ^_^

  6. Hey man, just want to thank you about your tests on Fume and publishing them. It’s been almost 4 years, but these are epic, and still very very useful!

    • Glad it is still useful! You’re thanks is much appreciated.

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