Posted by: Jeff | 2015/09/20

PFlow: mParticles and ADM – Samples

PFlow: mParticles and Advanced Data Manipulation Samples

I had a few requests for some of the scene files from my old Particle/Scripting reel. I have been meaning to share those scenes. The files are now here (way overdue) and are free for anyone interested to look through it. Note that these were all initially made from Box #2 and Box #3. (circa 2011~) >_<

* 3ds Max Files are on version 2014 *

1. Bully Ball

Bully Ball

This setup shows a way to dynamically animate a ball moving towards a random target. It will also change to a new target after it hits an old target.

Objects being hit also changes color.

3ds Max File

2. Push on Hit

Push on Hit

This one shows the boxes (forming the floor) to automatically animate upwards when it detects a ball near it.

3ds Max File

3. Pendulum


This is dynamic simulation of a pendulum.

3ds Max File

4. Slinky



This is a test on using the Shape Control Subop.

In this setup, the system allowed me to instance a single object for each particle, then control each of it’s Bend, Twist and Height properties for animation. The original instanced shape object is not animated.

3ds Max File

5. Gerstner Waves

Gerstner Waves

Gerstner Waves

This is a test on creating waves. The animation is created using multiple Wave Data Ops that are layered and/or mixed on top of each other. The system also uses a color vector data generated by the particles that the Particle Skinner Modifier uses to apply vertex color to the mesh.

3ds Max File

6. Farmat’s Spiral

Fermat's Spiral

Fermat’s Spiral

This is a fun test on converting the formula for generating the sunflower pattern to Data Ops.

3ds Max File

7. Sand Pile

Sand Pile

Sand Pile

This is a simple setup where a light rigid body sim is used to read velocities for a denser particle system.

3ds Max File

8. Basic Car Crash

Basic Car Crash

Basic Car Crash

This setup is actually not a straightforward method to do denting in PFlow. But in some cases, it can be useful. It uses some manual/timed parameters to properly get the effect. You may check the notes that I’ve scattered inside the file to see how it works.

3ds Max File



  1. Error downloading “Basic Car Crash” please can re upload
    Thank you for sharing these great scenes

    • Thanks! There was a slight typo on the link, it is now fixed 🙂

  2. […] Sep 25, 2015 by CGP Staff 0 | Tweet At the request from various Max artists, Jeff Lim has kindly made available a number of Particle Flow test scenes with setups from his reel. More on Jeff Lim’s website. […]

  3. Hey Jeff!!! Do you have the old PFlow Box 3 sample Max files. I am following along the documentation to learn ADM and it suggests the sample max files. Or do you know where can I get them. Thanks.

    • Hi, sorry I don’t have those anymore. You could probably ask around at the Orbaz forums.

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