Posted by: Jeff | 2013/03/16

Hair Farm Studies

Here are a couple more Hair Farm studies. Majority of these tests will focus more on the simulation features of the product.

HairMesh Smooth

The following comparisons shows how the modifier’s subdivision affects the simulation.

Subdivisions: 0

Subdivisions 3

Subdivisions: 3

Subdivisions 12

Subdivisions: 12

  • The more subdivisions you add, the more softer the hair moves.
  • As I did not include collisions, the simulation times where quite fast.
  • Low Speed + high Period values tend to create softer hair.
  • Low damping seems to show a good mix of softness an rigidness.

Centrifugal Force

Centrifugal Force
Click to view larger animation.

  • Higher values tend to show unnatural initial movement (most noticeable @ 20.0)
  • Mid values makes the hair bendy.
  • Lower values for stiffer hair.

Gravity without Compensation

Gravity without Compensation

  • Gravity compensation helps preserve the hair form throughout the simulation.
  • Once you turn it off shows how the gravity takes over the motion.

Mass Scale

Mass Scale
Click to view larger animation.

  • I used a Wind force spacewarp with a bit of turbulence.
  • Lower values shows more of the effect of the forces.
  • Higher values are more resistant to the forces.

HairStyle Forces

HairStyle Forces (WSM)

HairStyle Forces (WSM)

  • For this test, I used the world-space modifier HairStyle Force.
  • Again, I used a Wind force spacewarp with turbulence, but for this setup the wind node was animated moving downwards.

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