Posted by: Jeff | 2010/02/23

FumeFX – Cubic Interpolation

Here is another comparison study for the Advection Stride and Vorticity when set against the Cubic Interpolation parameter.

Quote from the FumeFX 1.2 help file:
Cubic interpolation – If you need maximum quality, you will want to check this option. ┬áSimulation times will rise considerably, but less dissipation will occur and more swirls will be created.

@ Frame 40


@ Frame 80

Animation on Vimeo


  • With Cubic Interpolation turned ON and an Advection Stride of 0.01, one can expect very long simulation times.
  • Smoke seems to traverse the grid more with Cubic Interpolation OFF.
  • Increase in quality is hardly noticeable with Cubic Interpolation ON.


  1. Very meticulous research! It definitely looks like you gotta keep away from low adv steps and cubic, unless you got a real dead closeup.

    • Thanks, I’m still planning to do some rounds with fuel/fire and see if these observations aren’t shooting too far off the ground.

  2. really helpful reference videos for fume !

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