Posted by: Jeff | 2010/01/15

MaxScript: Select All PF Nodes

This script will select all related particle flow nodes in the scene.

macroScript Select_PF_Nodes
category:"Particle Flow"
buttonText:"Select PF Nodes"
tooltip:"Select PF Nodes"
	pf_sources = for i in $* where (i.classid)[1] == 1345457306 collect i
	pf_events = for i in $* where (i.classid)[2] == 515064576 collect i
	pf_actions = for i in $* where (i.classid)[2] == 515064320 collect i
	deselect $*
	selectmore pf_sources
	selectmore pf_events
	selectmore pf_actions

This also let’s you collect all the Particle Flow nodes on to a single layer. Occasionally the nodes can become scattered inside your layers which often leads to the ff:

  • Particles operators getting deleted accidentally.
  • Particles not showing in the viewports because the Display Operator is on a different (hidden) layer.
  • Layers having invisible items.

The script is a Macroscript, run it once and go to your Customize User Interface dialog, under the Keyboard tab, look for Select PF Nodes inside the Particle Flow category.



  1. Thanks Jeff, very useful and helpful script especially when you use layers

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