Posted by: Jeff | 2010/01/14

FumeFX – Advection Stride and Vorticity

Here are some comparison studies concerning the relationship between the Advection Stride and Vorticity parameters for FumeFX.

Quote from the FumeFX 1.2 help file:
Advection Stride – The lower this stride is, the less dissipation of velocity and smoke will happen. It is a more or less inverse proportion to simulation time.

TIP: For smoke with many small curls you may want to decrease this number to 0.1 or less.

Vorticity – This parameter is very useful for coarse grids, where simulations lack detail.  When you increase grid detail then the need for vorticity is lowered, since the simulation itself will result in more detail.  Higher vorticity will increase the number and strength of small vortices in the fluid.

@ Frame 30

@ Frame 80

Here is a link to the animation on Vimeo.


  • The Advection Stride becomes more noticeable with higher Vorticity.
  • Advection Stride lower than 0.1 (< 0.1) results in lower simulation times.
  • Lower Vorticity, Bigger Curls.
  • Higher Vorticity, Smaller Curls.

(Please feel free to post some of your observations regarding these parameters, I will be very happy to hear them) 🙂



  1. THanks Jeff. This comparison study helped me a bunch.

  2. Thanks. Your work really help me!

  3. thanks… you’re a big!

  4. soo useful

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