Posted by: Jeff | 2009/10/13

RGB Atmospheric Renders

Whenever rendering a smoke (atmospheric) pass, a simple way to control the lighting in comp is to create 3 lights in the scene, the color of each light should be Red, Green, and Blue respectively.

Red = RGB 255 0 0
Green = RGB 0 255 0
Blue = RGB 0 0 255

3dsmax - aburn rgb screengrab

Here’s the Render Result:

Afterburn 4.0 Render Result

Afterburn 4.0 Render Result

And here are the results after dropping it in a compositing package, extracting only the Red, Green, and Blue colors.
そして、赤、緑、青を抽出して、After Effectの中に落とした結果がこれです。

Channels shifted to Red, Green, and Blue

Channels shifted to Red, Green, and Blue

The sample above was done in Adobe After Effects using the Channel Shift Effect.
For example, to get the red channel, just set the RGB to Red, leave the alpha just as it is.

I learned the technique from Brandon Davis over at the Particle Flow thread at CGTalk:
It’s post #3116.

Thanks to パンチ鈴木 for the translations.



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