Posted by: Jeff | 2009/10/13

MaxScript: Open Particle View

By default, pressing the short-cut 6 to open up the Particle  View requires you to have the Keyboard Shortcut Override toggle button turned on.

3dsmax - keyboard override

In order for it to work even with the Override button turned off, you will need to run this short max script:

macroScript Open_Pview
category:"Particle Flow"
ButtonText:"Open Particle View"
tooltip:"Open Particle View"
     actionMan.executeAction 135018554 "32771"

This will create a macroscript which can be found inside your Customize User Interface dialog, under the Particle Flow category, named Open Particle View.  Simply assign it to the short-cut 6. It’s a toggle so you can press the short-cut to turn it on or off.



  1. thank’s a lot, man!!! you saved my life 😉

  2. nice one, helped me a great deal

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