Posted by: Jeff | 2022/06/01

Mardini 2022

It’s been literally years since my last post!
I’ve been busy and have had my focus mostly on work after getting a job at Ubisoft Philippines.
First as a VFX Artist for about half a year, then transitioned into a Technical Artist up to this very day.

All the while, I did miss doing personal art, so I jumped at the opportunity to join the Mardini 2022 competition by SideFX last March.

My entries can all be seen here:

All the entries, along with node graph screenshots can be found in the forums (plus a lot more from all the other amazing contestants!).

It was a fun experience!
I’m excited to continue and do more personal artworks, but this time without the constraints of the competition schedule 😀

(Better posted late than never! haha – at least this gives me a reason to start updating this blog again)

Posted by: Jeff | 2017/11/03

Houdini: Terrace Interpolated



The terrain tools that came with the release of Houdini 16.0 brought about a lot of SOPs for creating landscapes. Combining these terra-forming tools enables the users to create varying degrees of environments. The underlying process takes advantage of the pre-existing volume tools to sculpt and manipulate volumes. So those who were at least familiar with how to work with volumes in Houdini would be more at home to dive inside the SOP assets and be able to modify them to their liking.

This led me to peek inside a particular terrain SOP tool called Height Field Terrace.
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Posted by: Jeff | 2017/09/17

Houdini: Print Hierarchy

This is a quick python script to print out the hierarchy of a selected node on the python shell. The script will recursively find the hierarchy of a node’s children, or a node’s output connection.


sel = hou.selectedNodes()[0]

def traverse(node, mode, level=0):
    x = node.outputs() if mode else node.children()
    if len(x) > 0:
        level += 1
        for i in x:
            print " " * level +
            traverse(i, mode, level)
traverse(sel, kwargs['ctrlclick'])

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Posted by: Jeff | 2017/04/27

Houdini: Simulation Timestamp

This is a short python script that I’m currently using to print out the total simulation processing time of the current DOP network.


import datetime

def simTimeStamp(event_type, frame):
    global tStart, tEnd
    if event_type == hou.playbarEvent.FrameChanged and frame == 1:
    if event_type == hou.playbarEvent.Started:
        tStart =
    if event_type == hou.playbarEvent.Stopped:
        tEnd =
        tDelta = tEnd - tStart
        print "Simulation time:", tDelta


if hou.frame() == 1:

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Posted by: Jeff | 2017/02/06

Houdini: FLIP History


Here’s an unofficial list of updates and changes made throughout the development of the FLIP Solver and FLIP Object DOPs in Houdini from H11 to H16.5. Read More…

Posted by: Jeff | 2016/12/20

Houdini: Floating Parameters Dialog

This is a simple XML code to move the Parameters menu outside the sub-menu “Parameters and Channels”.


Parameters Menu Item

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Posted by: Jeff | 2016/05/27

VFX Reel 2016

I have compiled a new reel focusing mainly on FX work from the past couple of years.

Posted by: Jeff | 2016/01/09

Vue – Star Wars Competition

Woohoo! I won 2nd Place for the Vue 3D Environment Competition. ^_^


Contest Page
Cornucopia Gallery Image

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Posted by: Jeff | 2016/01/07

VFX / Generalist Reel 2015

Here’s a compilation of some of the VFX work that I did in the last couple of years.

Tools used:
3dsmax | Houdini | After Effects | Nuke | Realflow
Vray | PFlow | FumeFX | Afterburn | Krakatoa

Posted by: Jeff | 2015/09/20

PFlow: mParticles and ADM – Samples

PFlow: mParticles and Advanced Data Manipulation Samples

I had a few requests for some of the scene files from my old Particle/Scripting reel. I have been meaning to share those scenes. The files are now here (way overdue) and are free for anyone interested to look through it. Note that these were all initially made from Box #2 and Box #3. (circa 2011~) >_<

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