Mardini 2023

Another year had past, and another SideFX Mardini Contest was posted!Details and final winners here: Here are my entries for this year: All of which are viewable in my Instagram here: And the forum contest posts (as required by the contest) here: I struggled for some of the entries, but learned to really plan for... Continue Reading →

Halo Tribute – Collab with Ave

Last year, back in October 2022, I got a chance to do a collab with the amazing animator: Ave Espelita! I worked on the VFX parts in Houdini: Smoke and explosion sims exported as a VDB sequence. Ground and debris blasts via FBX. Rubble sims for the hands also via FBX. Ave handled the rest... Continue Reading →

Theme Update!

I can't believe that I started this blog way back since 2009! Back then, monitor resolutions were still quite low. If i remember correctly, our render outputs were just 720x480. So... it's about time to update this blog's theme to finally catch up with time~ Saying goodbye to the old theme now.Welcoming now, a newer,... Continue Reading →

Mardini 2022

It's been literally years since my last post!I've been busy and have had my focus mostly on work after getting a job at Ubisoft Philippines.First as a VFX Artist for about half a year, then transitioned into a Technical Artist up to this very day. All the while, I did miss doing personal art, so... Continue Reading →

Houdini: Terrace Interpolated

The terrain tools that came with the release of Houdini 16.0 brought about a lot of SOPs for creating landscapes. Combining these terra-forming tools enables the users to create varying degrees of environments. The underlying process takes advantage of the pre-existing volume tools to sculpt and manipulate volumes. So those who were at least familiar... Continue Reading →

Houdini: Print Hierarchy

This is a quick python script to print out the hierarchy of a selected node on the python shell. The script will recursively find the hierarchy of a node's children, or a node's output connection. Code: Ideally, you'll put this on a Shelf Tool. Usage Example: Create a MocapBiped 3 object from the Characters Shelf.... Continue Reading →

Houdini: Simulation Timestamp

This is a short python script that I'm currently using to print out the total simulation processing time of the current DOP network. Code: Run the above code as a Shelf Tool. It will reset the simulation, and restart it again from frame 1. Afterwards, the timestamp will be printed on the Python Shell like... Continue Reading →

Houdini: FLIP History

Here's an unofficial list of updates and changes made throughout the development of the FLIP Solver and FLIP Object DOPs in Houdini from H11 to H16.5. FLIP Fluids Houdini 16.5 SOLVER Volume Motion NEW: Air NEW: Enforce Air Incompressibility NEW: Apply Moving Collisions NEW: Min Air Region Voxels NEW: Narrow Band NEW: Enable Particle Narrow... Continue Reading →

Houdini: Floating Parameters Dialog

This is a simple XML code to move the Parameters menu outside the sub-menu "Parameters and Channels". Info The current location of the menu (as of H15.5.637) can often be found by right clicking on a node. Since I often select this menu item, it would be less cumbersome to just have it at the... Continue Reading →

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